The vision at Andrea Leigh Fitness is to embolden, inspire,and urge all to be their healthful unique selves through fitness, nutrition and undaunted optimism while the mission includes touching the lives of people through sharing the experiences of an embattled life of challenge and triumph. The culmination of the vision and mission are brought to life right here under the newsworthy heading of the site. It is within this area of my website that you can see some of the interactions and other notable features happening in my daily life which display how I live the vision and mission every day.

Red Silk Carpet interview

magazine cover

Style, fashion, entertainment and lifestyle publication “Red Silk Carpet” magazine has included Andrea Leigh in the February 2018 issue as one of the powerful and beautiful women of 2018. The ten page article is an insightful and forthright synopsis of some of the influential times in the life of Andrea Leigh. One of Andrea’s greatest characteristics is her willingness to share her life with everyone whom she associates through the struggles and the successes along her journey. This makes Andrea unique, endearing and an undeniably genuine individual in the personal training industry. The article displays Andrea’s openness in very personal detail and includes numerous compelling photos.

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Andrea Leigh Logan and Ricky Whittle

In a classy and stirring meeting with Ricky Whittle, the talented actor, athlete and model displays what a good judge of character he is. Whittle is obviously drawn to Andrea’s magnetic smile and optimistic attitude while being impressed by her physical abilities on a daily basis. When people talk about Andrea one word that inevitably gets mentioned is inspiration. Andrea has a natural way of inspiring and motivating people from near and afar. Did he say , “ jumps that belong in the NBA.”?

Andrea Leigh Logan Superman Push Ups

The Superman push-up is one of Andrea’s iconic symbols. It displays the overall strength of her physical being combined with her highly spirited inner beauty to combust into an emblematic explosion of flight. The image of Andrea Leigh Logan and the Superman push-up is a perfect symbol of the person, inside and out.

My Vision

The vision at Andrea Leigh Fitness is to embolden, inspire, and urge all to be their healthful unique selves through fitness, nutrition, and undaunted optimism while sharing and celebrating freedom from affliction.


The mission at Andrea Leigh Fitness is to touch the lives of people through sharing the experiences of her embattled life and triumph over hardship. Andrea Leigh employs her method of Myoform Adaptive Training to provide clients with a balanced approach to fitness and nutrtion. Andrea provides customized plans for individuals and possesses all of the formal qualifications of a true expert in the field of fitness and training.

Informally, what Andrea Leigh draws from is an indomitable vitality which she openly shares and breathes back into everyone she encounters. This informal lifelong training in reality is what is most valuable to clients. It is the spirit and will that is so infectious and inspiring to clients and is a true testament to mindfulness and bravery and gut wrenching recovery to fight for life quite literally. The openness of her personality draws people to her and the exceptional knowledge paired with unparalleled work ethic deliver results.The optimistic outlook on a life transformed will push you in a way that is naturally motivating.

Myoform Adaptive Training

This is Andrea's patented style of training and is defined as the formation of strength in a wide array of muscles with a focus on balance between strength and flexibility.




Myoform Adaptive Training is Andrea’s patented and unique style of training which is tailored to fit people with every type of fitness goals. Andrea’s training method has proven to be successful for many years and countless numbers of clients. From her years spent at Camp Lejeune training Marines and time spent opening and running her own cross-fit gym to working with television’s famous “Housewives” and her partnerships with the prestigious Doctors, Robert Huizenga and Todd Lanman, Andrea has become a master at recognizing the needs of her clients and customizing balanced workouts and fitness regimes for a vast range of diverse clientele.

In relation to her background, Andrea is also qualified to work with those suffering or recovering from the grips of eating disorders. This is a cause that Andrea stands behind firmly as she openly talks about her own battle and the daily efforts it requires to stay strong and motivated. Andrea learned the power of her smile and positivity is the key to her success and while her body is finely tuned, it is Andrea’s powerful mind that fuels her unstoppable spirit and permits the body to take shape. She also enjoys working with women after pregnancies who may come for help or motivation to get back to being their best physical selves. With all of her personal and professional experiences in this industry Andrea is professionally equipped to train anyone within a smile’s distance of her.

Andrea, among all of her training and physical abilities, also holds a degree in nutrition and can provide dietary recommendations to accompany the workouts and training sessions in order for her clients to optimize their success. Andrea creates ”packages” combining meal plans with daily workouts and regimens custom designed to each individual client based on the client’s goals. Myoform Adaptive Training programs focus on strengthening muscle and eliminating fat through various workout methods and customized menus while maintaining balance by way of Andrea’s personal support and encouragement.

To begin your individual program and discuss your fitness goals reach out to Andrea Leigh at

Training Locations

  • Golds Gym ( The Mecca) Venice Beach
  • Malibu
  • Beverly Hills
  • Calabasas

12 Week Program

  • Workouts Sent Weekly
  • Equipment List
  • 40-60 min Workouts


I hope in the 12 weeks I can provide you a program that can build physical strength and discipline. Also become UNSTOPPABLE and unleash your inner athlete.

I will design these workouts that will push you and test your cardiovascular capacity and built overall strength. I will provide you with some fun and crazy routines. You and only you can control the outcome! What you put in will be what you get out!





Listening to your needs and helps solve your problems.

  • A customized plan that works for your body and adjusts with your schedule.
  • Peace of mind that you’re doing the right things to get the best results.

With this program, You are the focus.

The programs are customized to your schedule, your preferences, and your level of experience. You interact with me every week. No one-size-fits-all programs Everything is customized specifically for you!

Dr. Lanman

Doctor Lanman is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost spine surgeons and artificial disc replacement innovators. Andrea has the fortunate position to be the preferred trainer to whom Doctor Lanman refers his patients. Andrea was a patient of Doctor Lanman as she was required to have neck surgery due to an accident. She has since returned to her true form after months of recovery work. Click here to learn more about Dr. Lanman

Dr. Huizenga

Doctor Robert Huizenga is a world renowned MD and specializes in Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine. Among his plethora of accomplishments, “Dr. H”, as he is sometimes referred is a prolific author and celebrity doctor who has taken part in many television shows and is often still called upon by a variety of media for consultation and analysis. He had a major role with the National Football League as the LA Raiders team physician and served as president of the NFL’s Physician Society. Doctor Huizenga also started a very important clinic in Malibu geared toward eliminating fat and fat- related illnesses through non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical, medically proven methods. Andrea Leigh is proudly manager at the clinic as well as head trainer there. Doctor huizenga also refers patients to Andrea for therapy and physical training. Click here to learn more about Dr. Huizenga.

Logan's Heroes

Doug E. Fresh

The Human Beat Box: The Greatest Entertainer

"You are such a great person and such an inspiration for a lot of people--more than you know. You are the best".

Edna L. Deeb

Entertainment Attorney

"Andrea has helped me reshape my body...and my life! With a combination of strong work ethic and compassion, Andrea's winning work-out is quite effective. I have been able to keep my weight manageable while not harming my body. Andrea's work outs are not easy. Yet, she encourages me to keep moving and doing the best I can. It is impressive to have someone like her in my corner. I so appreciate her strength and kind help!"

Jane Kellard

Real Estate

"Andrea Logan is the real deal. She is a total Pro committed to making your body the best it can possibly be. She is dedicated, compassionate and a great motivator. I am stronger, healthier and more confident since training with her and I know I will reach my goals and get my body back in shape with her by my side! Thank you Andrea for making what could be an unpleasant experience be so are the best!"

Andrew Hecht

Owner of Andrew Hecht Media LLC

"Andrea is a remarkable trainer and human being. She always sees the best in everyone and looks for that inner strength to unlock the key to one's success. Andrea motto is, there's a winner inside each and everyone of us, it's just being able to unlock and conquer our fears. Drive, hard work and determination, that's what makes someone a winner."


Raleigh, NC

Six years ago I was an out of shape ex athlete; Actually, I thought I was in shape till a co-worker introduced me to a workout routine called CrossFit. I quickly learned what I was doing wasn’t even close to a workout. What I was eating wasn’t even close to being nutritious. This is where I met Andrea Logan. Through tutelage, guidance, and mentorship I quickly adapted the culture Andrea put forth. She developed specific programming that transformed my fitness level. I started at 270, my old college playing weight. The difference was I didn’t look like I did in college. Andrea taught me about Paleo and proper eating habits. I took on a 30 day challenge training hard 4-5 days a week, eating clean. In that time I lost 25 lbs. My chest, arms, neck, and legs decreased 2 inches, and my waist was down 4. I went from a 42/44 to a 38 size pants. My suits for work couldn’t be altered, they needed to be recut!

Of course like anyone who has battled the scale are habits come and go. I have put weight back on, then lost, and found it again. But one thing has been constant, Andrea’s passion for what she does. She may be 3,000 miles away, and we speak very infrequently, however, if I need encouragement/ support, or just fresh ideas on how to find the groove again…she’s always there to lend a hand. I believe it’s in her nature to be helpful. In our year together, I saw several individuals ranging in age from 13-77, some able bodied, and others not, taken under her wing, training and motivating them to success.

In closing, I was in the best shape of my entire life training at Andrea’s CrossFit box. It’s been 4 years since I have trained under. I still train at a very good CrossFit box here in Raleigh, NC and am in very good shape, but I am not at the fitness level I was in with Andrea. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, morbidly obese, young/ old, or a seasoned vet….If you want to achieve your fitness goals and be in the best shape of your life, hire Andrea Logan!!